You know it’s significant when you change your Twitter handle


This morning I did something significant. I changed my Twitter handle.

Now, it’s not so long ago – ten months to be exact – that I did exactly the same thing when I started working as the head of news at Yorkshire Post Newspapers. That action marked a massive change in my life. A new job, new colleagues and an amazing ten months working on some huge stories.

Today I changed my handle again. For a similar reason, but perhaps even a bigger change in my life. Because today is my first day of not working for a news corporation in a decade. And Monday will be my first day as a university employee and PhD student. If you had asked me ten months ago if I had expected to be in this position today I would have laughed.

I had been interested in teaching journalism at degree level for some time. But I never imagined the opportunity would arise so soon after moving to YPN. So when it did it was an excruciatingly difficult decision. It was a choice between a buzzing newsroom, great colleagues and friends and a well paid and esteemed position or teaching new talent, exploring my own capabilities and developing a career I had always hoped for – a completely new challenge.

I could easily chosen to stay. But the pros of this exciting new opportunity were too much to turn down. So I took a deep breath. Took the plunge and changed my Twitter handle.

Wish me luck!

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