Job advertisement study: key points and the coding manual

The spine of my research study into digital tool impacts on news production, identity and jurisdiction within regional newspaper newsrooms in the UK comprised of an annual collection of job advertisements from Hold the Front Page from November 1 to January 31 each year, starting in 2014 and concluding in 2018.

The results from this research will be made available in the coming months. But as the findings are currently being submitted to academic journals for consideration, they will not be published here at this point.

However, I can share the method I used to code the advertisements. The below details can be freely used, so long as application acknowledges the original source of the method.

The below details include:

  • The names and content analysis codes of publishers included in the data collection
  • Codes applied to roles advertised and a coding descriptor for each
  • Job category codes and the coding descriptor (which was applied to the job description, newspaper title/platform and the job categories as applied on HTFP)
  • Job title category codes and coding descriptors (to be applied to the job title only)
  • Single or multiple title codes and coding descriptors (to be based upon analysis of the job description, newspaper title/platform)
  • The keyword categories and keyword codes (applied to the job description only)

If you would like to contact me to discuss use of the codes, methodology or results, please get in touch via my contact page.

Publisher code  Publisher
Arch Archant / Archant Community Media Ltd / Archant Norfolk
Bailiwick Bailiwick Publishing
Bath News Bath News & Media
Berkshire Berkshire Media Group
Bullivant Bullivant Media Ltd
Caerphilly Caerphilly Media Ltd
Chronicle Chronicle Publications Ltd
Citizen Citizen News and Media Ltd
CN CN Group / Cumbrian Newspapers
Cornwall and Devon Cornwall and Devon Media
DC DC Media Ltd / DC Thompson & Co Ltd / DC Thompson LTD
Express and Star Express & Star
Heads Heads (Congleton) Ltd
Herald and Times Herald and Times Group
Higgs Higgs Group
Highland Highland Perthshire Media
Iliffe Iliffe Media / Iliffe Media Ltd
Irish Times The Irish Times Trust
JP Johnston Press
KM KM Group Media Ltd / KM Media Group / KM Media Group Ltd
LW Local World
LW/TM Local World/Trinity Mirror / Local World part of the Trinity Mirror Group
Newbury Newbury News Ltd
NQ Newsquest / Newsquest (London) Ltd / Newsquest Media Group / Newsquest Sussex
NWN NWN Media Ltd
One Media One Media
Packet Packet Newspapers
Regional Regional Media Ltd
Scottish Provincial Scottish Provincial Press / Scottish Provincial Press Ltd
South London Guardian The South London Guardian Series
Taylor Taylor Newspapers / Taylor Newspapers Ltd
Tindle Tindle Newspapers
TM Trinity Mirror / Trinity Mirror Plc / Media Scotland – part of Trinity Mirror Plc
Western Morning News Western Morning News
Wyvex Wyvex Media Ltd
Your Local Paper Your Local Paper
Role code Code abbreviation Coding descriptors
Digital news editor D N Ed A news desk or similar middle-management position which involves planning, sourcing and decision-making about digital content. Might also include social media strategy responsibility and delegation of work to reporters.
Deputy editor Dep Ed An editor position with senior management status acting in a supporting role to the editor.
Deputy news editor Dep N Ed News desk position with a supporting role to the news editor and with responsibility to run the newsdesk in the news editor’s absence. Management of reporting team.
Editor Ed Editor position overseeing overall print and/or digital production. A senior management role. Might include managing a series of news publications.
Multimedia reporter M Rep A reporting role with a strong digital focus. The advertisement will not make mention of training for senior qualifications. The role does not demand specific senior qualifications.
News editor N Ed Managing or sharing the management position on newsdesk. Includes planning, decision-making, managing reporting team, strategy and content sourcing and placement.
News editor / senior reporter N Ed / Sen Rep A duel role which includes stepping onto the newsdesk and helping with news desk duties as well as reporting. Often has an element of management of the reporting team.
No details of job N/A Not enough detail to categorise.
Other Other A role with journalistic elements which cannot be categorised within an alternative code.
Senior multimedia reporter Sen M Rep A reporter with NCE/NQJ or the equivalent whose role has a strong or solely digital focus.
Senior management Sen Man Those with a position above the editor.
Senior reporter Sen Rep A reporter with NCE/NQJ or the equivalent.
Specialist multimedia reporter Sp M Rep A reporter with a specialist agenda either in terms of subject focus reporting (eg. online health reporter) or with a production specialism  (eg. video production journalist) whose role has a strong or solely digital focus.
Specialist reporter Sp Rep A reporter with a specialist agenda in terms of subject focus reporting (eg. health reporter).
Sub editor Sub A page designer and content editing position.
Trainee multimedia reporter T M Rep A trainee reporter position with a digital focus.
Trainee reporter T Rep A trainee reporter position.
Trainee reporter / senior reporter T Rep / Sen Rep A position open to be filled by either a trainee reporter or a qualified senior reporter.
Print or digital job category code Coding descriptors
Digital Working for an online publication or platform only. No print attached to the position.  
N/A Not enough detail to categorise.  
Print Clearly a print-only position with no digital responsibilities.  
Print and digital Working with both print and online focus.  
Digital or traditional job title code Coding descriptors  
D (digital) A position with a digital or affiliated to digital word or words within the job title.  
T (traditional) A position with no digital or affiliated to digital words within the job title.  
Single or multiple titles Coding descriptors  
M (multiple) Reference to responsibility for more than one newspaper or print and digital news product within a news group. Must clearly be multiple individually identifying titles, not editions of the same title.  
N/A Not enough detail to categorise.  
S (single) Reference to responsibility for only one newspaper or print and digital news product. Can also include products with more than one edition of that single product. May also include advertisements where no specification about multiple titles is made.  
Traditional keywords Digital keywords
print Digital
NCTJ social
driving video
ideas website
qualification online
shorthand multi
contacts platform
writing breaking
deadline data
NQJ web skills
exclusive blog
self user
sense Facebook
pressure Twitter
copy unique
enthusiasm code
NCE likes
energy visitor
tight podcast

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