Haven’t you got anything else to wear, Paul? Daily Mail editor dons same black suit more than once and nobody gives a toss.

 It was the question not on everybody’s lips when the Daily Mail editor stepped out looking solemn in a familiar and yet completely standard black two-piece. Same suit again, Paul?

The Fleet Street emperor of absolute bollocks stepped out wearing the trusty jacket and trousers, which were tailored by Burtons in the finest man-made nylon, after a business lunch at which the only women in attendance were the waiting staff.

It was at least the fifth time he’d been seen in the suit, which he also wore last week for work and the week before that too.

He looked weary, possibly due to the toll of being a dad to two high-flying Eton educated sons, or possibly because he was sad to be wearing the same crappy suit again.

But it’s true to say that despite the clear desperation at having his wardrobe scrutinised in this way when people should surely be focusing on his misogynistic monopoly of internet news, he looked stunning, with his admirable post-Brexit vote body filling the suit in a way that suggests it was the right size.

Pictured: Paul smoulders in his trusty suit. Photographs by Getty Images.

  • NEXT: find out what the First Minister of Scotland has said about a second Scottish devolution referendum, somewhere in a story about what clothes she is wearing (again).


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